Wealth Accumulator

“Regular Savings Accumulates Great Wealth” coin bank in japanned copper flash finish, c. 1920. Often given to children, these coin banks functioned as mobile safe deposit boxes. The child could feed the coin bank pennies, but good luck getting them out again: the brick and mortar bank retained the key. The coin bank is practically armored it’s so overly engineered—even a door shuts the coin slot if one attempts a shake (and there’s at least one coin permanently locked inside). The slogan promising great wealth seems undercut by the device’s impregnability. Engineered to maintain the illusion that your money is at your fingertips, in reality it is out of reach, accumulating “great wealth” perhaps more for the bank than for you.



4 1/2 inches wide

2 3/8 inches deep

3 1/4 inches tall



Very good antique condition.



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