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Sold: Thrifty Fox

Rare antique hand-painted fox ceramic bank, c. 1890s. With his pince nez eyeglasses perched on his snout, the fox observe the would-be coin saver with an expression that could be taken as approval for the thrifty or contempt for the spendthrift. He is made from red clay, but of a fineness to the touch like bisque, and quite fragile which likely means few of his kind survived. He is unmarked, save an illegible word in pencil on the bottom. The fox has detailed features painted by hand in lifelike manner and a charming demeanor.



Very good condition with minor wear, a small unnoticeable chip on each ear, and a few spots where the paint has worn away.



3 inches tall

4 inches wide

4 inches deep



Free in the continental United States. If an international buyer, please contact me for a shipping estimate by clicking here.

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