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Sold: Sign Drawer

Desk drawer made from cast off painted wooden trade signs, c. 1910. The repurposed signs appear to have advertised a jeweler, and given the label on the front of the drawer reading “STICK PINS CHEAP” the proprietor may have fallen on hard times as he cannibalized his old signs, letting nothing go to waste as his business went to waste. Imagine pulling open this drawer: it’s not the dull glitter of cheap paste stones that strike you, but the false promise of yellow-gold paint, the broken stenciled letters hawking sawed off clocks and jewelry, the forgotten speciality unsold and now sliding into the darkness of a slapdash bank of identical cutrate drawers.

The piece hangs on the wall or stands upright on its own, and would make a perfect niche to display a complementary object.



13 inches tall

10.5 inches wide

5 inches deep



Good antique condition, with chips and scratches to the wood.



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