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Sold: Iron Fist

Antique cast iron fist, c. mid-19th century. The heavy clenched hand, which is self standing, has a hole in the top which either held a chain as part of self-closing gate weight device or was meant as a flag holder, which is how I came across it (the antique silk parade flag pictured is included). Cast about the time of the American Civil War, the iron determination apparent in this forceful hand may have been forged in a fire stoked by ideals, but it is amputated, mindless, and cold outside the foundry. The fist’s iron grip holds a brittle stick with tattered flag, which it raises high only with effort as we create openings in walls, but drops again when left to its own dumb weight, bound by chains meant to shut gates and close minds.



6 inches tall

4 inches wide

2.25 inches deep



Very good antique condition, handsome antique patina on the iron. The flag is fragile with holes in the silk, but is a survivor, c. early 20th century.



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