Fisherman’s Valentine

Rare antique Valentine for one looking to land a catch—or rather avoid being caught—c. 1860s. This humorous Valentine for the would-be Casanova of the fly rod asks the fisher of women to reel it in, so to speak. It reads:


Fisher of women, on my life,

You think that you may hook a wife,

Perhaps you may, some hungry thing

At your gilt bait will make a spring,

But, sir, the bite will not be mine

I seek a better Valentine.

T. W. Strong, 98 Nassau St., N. Y.


The example here was among early printed Valentines sold by post (see the 1859 advertisement from the publisher) and their ephemeral nature makes them especially rare. The image is in vibrant color and depicts a fisherman making out with quite a catch (though perhaps, as the verse hints, the fish he truly desires got away). Professionally refitted and framed in an antique frame.



10.25 inches tall

8 inches wide



Very good antique condition, professionally mounted and framed, slight yellowing (the paper Valentine was dry mounted in an earlier frame job).



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