Firewood Bottle

Antique folk art bottle and cup disguised as firewood, c. 1900. A tree, with bark and even the stubs of branches, appears to have grown around the bottle. The trompe l’oeil effect is so convincing that only close inspection reveals the bark was reconstituted and applied to the glass, probably with glue or a paper mache technique. The cup (which sits on the lip of the bottle) is broken but intact as it is also encased in tree bark. I like to think a woodsman got tired of finding his whiskey bottle empty and decided he’d invent some camouflage. Now you too have a place to hide your hooch (just make sure no one stokes the woodstove with it). Found in Maine.




10.25 inches tall

4 inches wide


2 inches wide

2.75 inches tall



Good antique condition, with some chipping to applied bark, cracks in the broken cup with remains intact held together by the applied coating.



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