I buy antiques of all kinds, though I typically favor the period 1840 to 1940 and especially look for unique pieces of Americana such as folk art. That said, I have an eclectic eye, and deal in many categories privately which are not represented in the shop. Fine art, antique toys, advertising, architectural salvage, furniture – my interests are varied, so feel free to reach out with descriptions or photos of what you are looking to sell.


I also buy entire estates or advise individuals looking to part with collections or exceptional items. On some occasions I can work with sellers on a consignment basis.


I deal in a variety of items, so feel free to contact me by clicking here if you’re considering selling.



Vintage & Antique Menswear, 1770-1970


As a general rule, I only buy vintage men’s clothing dating prior to 1970 (fifty years or older). I especially look for menswear pre-1940, and antique clothing one hundred years or older is especially desirable. I purchase formal clothing like suits and tuxedos, but also (and especially) look for casual and work clothes, such as cotton shirts and denim jeans. Given that most daily wear garments are worn out, these older everyday clothes are typically worth more to me than the tails and top hat which were worn once and safety tucked away (and are therefore much more common).


I do not typically buy vintage women’s clothing unless of significant age (pre-1940) and in quantity. I do not buy fur.


Also, for those unfamiliar with vintage, a word of advice: If you have many pieces don’t throw anything away before giving me a call. If of significant age and rarity, even damaged garments may have value. Contact me by clicking here and I will be happy to evaluate your items.