Weathered Hearse Panel

Antique hand-carved wooden panel from a horse-drawn hearse, c. mid-19th century. Carved with striking verisimilitude, with elaborate tassel. Handsomely aged and weathered, and probably from a carriage which was in service for many years and then languished outdoors before this panel was salvaged.

A suite of these panels would have originally been inset into the walls of a horse-drawn hearse, and imitated a more lavish, drapery-laden carriage ferrying the deceased to a final resting place. The black mourning fabric, carved in wood: a final curtain that does not fall, but is set before us, undeniable and irreversible. The funereal folk carving seems to speak to the certainty and impenetrable mystery of death, but also the fixed nature of fate.

Found in Vermont in a collection of folk art hearse panels.



24 inches tall

12 inches wide

1.25 inches deep



Good weathered, antique condition, with paint loss, chipping, scratches, and other wear. See photos.



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