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Sold: Wall Clock

Rare antique large circular wall clock in parcel gilt case, likely Brewster & Ingraham, c. 1840s. At two feet in diameter, this clock would have hung in a public building or large commercial setting, perhaps in a courthouse or market. Gilt wooden case, painted wooden dial, removable wooden back, iron eyelet for hanging. With its beautiful aged surface, the clock is in original and untouched condition inside and out.

The clock is not working, but may only require a cleaning and replacement pendulum bob to be running again. The mechanism was evaluated by a professional, who recommended keeping it in its pure and unaltered state until a new owner decides to repair.

The mechanism has giant barrel, and is most likely for 30-day duration. It has no maker’s mark. Seth Thomas was known for 30-day mechanisms, but this movement is different from the standard, and is either much earlier than commonly found, or more likely by a different maker such as Brewster and Ingraham.

The mechanism only needs a pendulum bob, and will run with pressure applied to the completely gummed and frozen train. The type of bob was probably the simple cast lead type with wire molded through it. The clock will need completely disassembled for cleaning with inspection of bearings, and some possible bushings replaced. Cleaning and repairs estimated at roughly $300 or more. If the buyer wishes to purchase the clock in running order, my clockmaker can make the necessary repairs.

Even as a “timeless” clock, the piece is an exceptional object, especially so for its wonderful aged patina and surface. As one who is drawn to and values antiques for their timeworn character, I wish to discourage potential buyers considering “restoring” the case and dial. The gilding on the case is brilliant when lit, and moreso for its imperfections. The chipped paint of the wooden clock face tells the story its hands, now still, but through more than a century and half have passed.

Found in Massachusetts.



24 inches in diameter

3 inches deep

The clock is not overly heavy and hangs on the wall without special hardware.



Good antique aesthetic condition, with paint chipping on wooden dial, some loss of gilding and chips in the gesso, and one small piece of back molding missing in the upper right corner (see photos). The clock itself is not in working order, but the movement is apparently complete and untouched, missing only its interior pendulum.



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