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Sold: Golden Wings

Art Deco golden wings in the Egyptian Revival style, carved from wood, c. 1920s. At about twenty inches long, the wooden wings were likely part of an architectural interior design, perhaps an Art Deco lobby or an elaborate department store display.

The form of the wings is modeled after ancient Egyptian depictions of the goddess Isis, who was believed to help guide the dead to the afterlife. The legend goes that after Isis became wife to Osiris, the king, his brother Set killed him and jettisoned his body. Isis searched everywhere for his remains, and was likened to a kite, the bird of prey who seeks carrion and whose cry sounds like the wail of a mourning woman.

The sumptuous interior which these wings surmounted was broken up years ago, its fragments scattered. Today, the kite spreads its wings, but Isis is nowhere to be found.



19.5 inches long

5 inches wide



Excellent antique condition with a few scratches and small chips.



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