Fish Pond Game

Rare and elaborate antique fish pond game c. 1890s. I believe the game is by Parker Brothers and is by far the most colorful and attractive version of this game I’ve seen. Assembled, it stands 13 inches tall and 15 inches wide. Complete with spinner, fish, magnets and fishing poles. The whole game folds flat in the lower box (which does not have a cover). Good display condition with a little damage to a few fish, dirt on one face of the folding board from storage, and bottom board showing its age. This Victorian game appears to be quite rare – I could not find another example of this type. The game makes for a wonderful display in an antique board game or nautical collection.



13 inches tall
15 inches wide
Fish: 3.25 inches long



Good condition overall, with several fish chipped or missing tails, dirt on one side of the folding fish board from storage, bottom case a little rough with discoloration and slight separation, but as a whole a beautiful display. Please examine pictures closely.



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