Driftwood Bear

Antique carved wooden bear, apparently driftwood. The elegant form and abstract shape recalls Native American designs, especially Northwest Coast. The figure appears to only be carved at the nose and possibly the legs, and the wood itself has the softness and pronounced grain of driftwood. It’s likely the creator found the piece of wood by chance and in a shape close to its present form. Inspired by its smooth and sculptural lines, the artist saw in its happenstance shape a crouching bear, and given its well-worn edges, perhaps presented the figure as a toy to a child. The age of this piece is hard to say, but it has the quality of something smoothed by time and evidence it has been handled over many years. Origin and maker unknown, but the piece stands as a wonderful folk sculpture capturing the creative dialogue between man and nature.



6 inches long

1.75 inches wide

2.75 inches tall



Very good condition, with natural aged dark patina worn away in places to bare, dry wood. Scratches and eroded edges indicate frequent handling.



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