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Sold: Dog Head Cane

Antique Folk Art hand-carved whimsy cane with dog’s head handle and carved shaft of stacked rolling balls, c. late 19th century. Certainly the most charming and fun antique cane I’ve had. Apparently made from a single piece of wood, each carved out compartment contains a wooden ball. When moved from side to side or flipped over, the balls roll. The head of the cane – carved in a natural bend in the wood – is an exquisite naive carving of a dog’s head, with ears back, looking slightly guilty. The piece has a handsome antique patina, and based on the estate in which it was uncovered, probably dates to the late 19th century. Overall good condition, with surface wear and one missing ball. Includes simple stand for display if the buyer wishes. Found in Bucks County, PA.




36 inches tall

1.25 inches wide

Dog head 3.25 inches long




Good antique condition, patina with scratches and minor chips, one ball missing. Please see photos.



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