Discoveries at Old as Adam, March ’14.


Dear Friend of Old as Adam,

Despite our interminable winter, I’ve found some great pieces . Visit the Portsmouth shop and you’ll see many of my exceptional recent finds.

New acquisitions this month include a 19th century German porcelain bisque acrobat, a 1920s roulette wheel, a Victorian sign from “Darling” the photographer, an enormous handmade leather shoe store display, a fine hand-carved Victorian bone chess set, a 1930s optician’s  mahogany cabinet and paraphernalia, a charming folk art painting of Brownie the dog, a 19th century child’s violin, a lifesize cold-painted bronze parrot, a folk art butcher’s sign, 1920s polo mallets, fantastic antique photography (including a large 19th century photograph of the staff of the Boston Globe and a man who crafted chairs out of antlers), a 1920s hand-painted “Ballet Dancer” carnival sign, and much, much more.

In the Menswear Department, new finds include an extravagant black velvet embroidered vest with genuine silver buttons, a selection of fine midcentury ties, 1910s extra-large tweed knickers (with the wry tradename “Fad of the Hour”), early 20th century silk scarves, exceptional late Victorian tails, 1950s bold-printed shirts, fun cufflinks and tie bars, several vintage hats, and, in textiles, a mint 1920s Pullman traincar blanket with handsome graphics.

The snow is finally clear of the Ceres Street sidewalk and with daylight savings, I can savor my delightful view of the tugboats and the Piscataqua River well into the evening. Welcome in the spring with a stroll around Portsmouth and stop by to see all the new finds.

Kind regards,

PS: It’s not too late to submit to the Provenance Prize! Follow this link for more.