Discoveries at Old as Adam, August ’15.


Dear Friend of Old as Adam,
Summer has flown by in Portsmouth and the shop on Ceres Street has been busier than ever. But as fast as things find homes I’ve replenished the collection with yet more new finds. Outside of the store (and bow tie) you’ll find me flashlight in hand traipsing through pre-dawn flea market fields for the earlybird treasure or clambering into condemned barns for forgotten hayloft troves. I’ve found some exceptional pieces this summer and continue to add new objects to the collection almost daily.
New acquisitions include a matched pair of 1840s flintlock dueling pistols, a 19th century peg leg (we’ll say from a pirate), a variety of nautical items including a well-traveled verdigris sextant, bronze yacht hardware, books and more, a French brass spyglass, vintage sailboat weathervanes, an original 19th century cast iron Portsmouth directional sign, a remarkably elaborate English picnic set (including a stove for your tea), an Aesthetic Movement jeweled copper chandelier, an exceptional 1920s stone lithograph poster for the broadway production of “Cheaper to Marry,” a Victorian gilded Odd Fellows wooden hourglass, a handsome 1920s dolphin-handled motoboat racing trophy, a 1930s American Optical milk glass topped cast iron table, a fun kitschy 1940s Rockola jukebox fragment, a 1930s neon spinner clock advertising Royal Typewriters, an enviable Art Deco golf trophy, a red wooden airplane prop, and much more.
In the Menswear Department, new finds include a satin jockey’s uniform, a 1920s green striped club jacket, a 1950s Phillips Exeter varsity jacket, 1950s and ’60s long and short sleeve cotton shirts, snappy vests, a variety of self-tie bows, hunting jackets for the fall, many natty hats, including a variety of fedoras, porkpies, bowlers, toppers and panamas, always new cuff links and tie bars, and more. And I’m still sifting through the 1920s Chicago men’s jewelry store trove, all new old stock: dozens of silver plate Art Deco belt buckles, turn of the century locket watch fobs, pens and pencil sets in original boxes, 1940s wristwatches new in box, and more.
The next month promises to be eventful with several upcoming shows, including the Sturbridge Vintage Fashion & Textile Show (9/7), Brimfield (in the May’s field, 9/10), and back to New York at the NYC Big Flea (9/26-27).

Also! This Saturday is our third annual Jazz Age party on Star Island, “Gatsby on the Isles.” We’ll have a jazz band, lawn games, a swing dance, and more at an iconic New Hampshire historic island hotel ten miles out to sea. Click here to learn more and buy tickets.

As always, if you’re visiting Portsmouth and can’t make it during regular store hours on the weekends, feel free to email or call to schedule a visit.

Looking for something in particular? Click here to send me a note and I’ll be on the lookout.
I remain, your loyal antiquarian haberdasher,